Rappin’ Legal: Everything You Need to Know

Yo, listen up, let me lay it down

Got some legal knowledge, gonna show you how

First up, is dual citizenship legal in US?

Yeah, it’s all good, you can have two homes

Next, check out federal mental health laws

Make sure you know your rights, it’s a serious cause

Legal duties of a director are important, don’t you see?

Understanding responsibilities, and liabilities

Wanna play some Old School Runescape, I bet you do

But first, check out OSRS diary level requirements dude

If you’re into building, then this one’s for you

Fixed price building contracts will guide you through

Need a lawyer in Houston, Texas by the way?

This Houston law firm will help you in many ways

Looking for an example of account form, templates and resources

Check out this link, it’ll set you up of course

Construction workers, put on your hats

OSHA hard hat requirements for construction are where it’s at

Basements in Kitchener, what’s the deal?

Find out about legal basement requirements Kitchener, it’s a big deal

Collective agreements, legal terms and such

OPSEU HPD collective agreement, it’s not too much

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