About us

Our organization is dedicated to protecting and developing the natural environment and ecosystems through increased youth participation and promoting environmental conservation activities related to the development of energy resources and other related activities. We also strive to promote sustainable transportation solutions that reduce carbon emissions and promote eco-friendly travel.


  • To increase geographic diversity through national and international projects.
  • To support volunteering as an important contribution to society and the natural environment.
  • To promote environmental education and care, considering the environment as a common good for which we should all take care of and contribute to.
  • To promote the use of renewable energies for environmental conservation.
  • To encourage effective protection and sustainable conservation measures for the natural environment, taking into account sustainable development and the well-being of local communities.
  • To orient towards active environmental awareness practices to activate and sensitize citizens.
  • To conduct awareness campaigns to limit negative human intervention in natural ecosystems.
  • To protect Albania’s natural resources as one of the country’s most important assets for current and future generations.
  • To strengthen and promote the empowerment of youth by increasing their role in important decision-making that affects their lives or establishing structures for youth activation.
  • To promote sustainable transportation solutions, such as biking, walking, and public transportation, that reduce carbon emissions and promote eco-friendly travel