How To Write A Sugar Daddy Profile? Tips And Profile Examples

Most users on sugar daddy dating sites prefer finding a partner close to their proximity so they can meet in real life. It’s why we’ve ensured that our site has a geolocation feature. Switching on the feature can suggest matches in nearby or preferred locations per your selected proximity range. is one of the oldest sugar dating websites out there. For over 15 years, SugarDaddyMeet has been providing a reliable and safe platform for rich Sugar Daddies to find relationships with younger women. You can never go wrong with talking about travel with your sugar daddy. It is likely that since he has had the resources, he has traveled extensively and may have lots of stories to share. And even though he has hasn’t, you can share your experiences with him and convince him to start traveling.

  • Neither of which is behavior becoming of an actual Sugar Momma.
  • A good sugar baby profile should write something eye catching to grab potential sugar daddies’ attention, no just straight or meaningless words.
  • Nearly every Sugar Momma scam begins with an unsolicited offer on a social media platform.
  • Finish up your profile by adding a short heading and information about you.
  • Regularly reviewing profiles and removing suspicious ones make Seeking Arrangement one of the safest sugar sites on the market.

But, it can be highly suspicious if you met your sugar momma a few days back and stated that she had transferred funds to you. If this is the case, the bank transfer could be fake and you have to be careful. Once you get involved, the con artist will say that she has transferred money to your bank account and also give fake proofs. The con artist will then ask you for a small favor, where you will have to send a portion of the amount received to their friend or donate to a charity. Recently my friend got contacted through snapchat by a lady who claims to be 42 and in need of a “sugar baby”. She says she only needs to talk to my friend (no sexual stuff) and will pay 1-5k a week. But when my friend asked her how she’ll get payed, she said through cashapp. Last night, the sugar mama INSISTED on paying my friend right then and there, but my friend said no out of fear it could be a scam.


He rebranded the site as Seeking in 2021, with more of an emphasis on long term relationships and less focus on connecting beautiful sugar babies with generous sugar daddies. Wade stepped down as CEO of Reflex Media and in June of 2022, with COO/CTO Ruben Buell taking his place. In 2006, founder Brandon Wade launched SeekingArrangement, which grew into one of the most popular sugar dating websites out there. Recently in 2020 (still active in 2022), Seeking Arrangement added the second membership type—the Diamond Membership. Ladies, you’re able to put together a wish list of things and gifts that a potential match might be able to buy you.

Focus on a match

The first thing a woman notices about your profile is how much money you make and then your photo. In order to find my favorite sugar babies, I had to choose seven “tags” that define what I am looking for from this website, and then another descriptive paragraph to boot. Fast forward a month and hundreds of messages, and I have been on several dates, one of which ended very well, two of which are promising, and the last which didn’t turn out so great. You can create an account on the site homepage or by installing the app. I don’t understand the concept of sugar dating before, but now that I do, I don’t think I’ll leave it for a while. The mobility and compact design of the app make it a suitable choice for those who want to do sugar dating on the go. Sugar daddies can get this VIP subscription when they completed two months of premium subscription in Seeking Arrangement. You will be featured on dashboards, get exclusive badges, and get 20x more responses from other members as promised by the site.

In the end we have to be ourselves and show our best face and go into this game confident and wanting to succeed in our own way. When looking for a sugar daddy, it is important to put in mind how easy it will be for the two of you to meet. Most people have pets, and others enjoy keeping animals. To keep your conversation going, you can ask him whether he likes animals and if he does ask him exactly which animals he likes. If he likes pets, ask him the types he had growing up and their names. You can also share your own experiences with pets and other animals. He could also share the challenges and trials he may be facing in his businesses, which would help you become a better business person. You must make the person believe that you know who they are, and you are genuinely interested in him.

If you upgrade to a Diamond membership, you can highlight your legitimacy with photo and income verification. In addition, you can qualify for Diamond membership by undergoing a background check through the site and completing two consecutive months of paid Premium membership. What are the prices for membership on Seeking Arrangement? Signing up for an account on Seeking Arrangement is 100% free and takes less than a minute. However, you must upgrade to a monthly paid membership to enjoy additional features like unlimited messaging. Most people choose to add information to their profiles. As a result, you can skip through most sections during sign-up.

Plus size sugar baby profile about my match example

Women love with their ears, which makes compliments a powerful tool to win their hearts. But in sugar dating, you are not exactly interested in a sugar momma falling in love with you, but in making her interested in you. You can compliment her beautiful eyes, hair, smile, etc., or be more specific and mention something she indicates in her profile. Over the last few years, sugar daddy sites have risen in popularity as people seek companionship or financial security. Unfortunately, some websites don’t do due diligence in vetting their members, inviting fakes, scammers, flakes, and leeches. If you are looking for a sugar daddy website to get a sugar daddy without the fear of being scammed, SugarDaddySeek is your perfect site. Let’s take a look at some of the odds that make SugarDaddySeek the best sugar daddy dating site. After identifying a potential sugar daddy, there are many ways that you can use to ask them to be your sugar daddy.

For Alie, sugar dating allowed her relief from her finances while she’s in college. She also received business advice and mentorship from her partners, which is of course another valuable tool. You can get away with not having to pay for a premium subscription if you use a college email address. “Most of the time, sugar daddies are craving a deep emotional connection accompanied by the intimacy that only a connection could provide,” Chelsea adds. The right allowance for sugar babies will greatly vary based on location and couple.

Apparently, verified members can choose to hide everything about themselves and only share certain photos with the people they like. Be open-minded and grateful and you are sure to have lots of fun. The site mainly targets “successful men” and “attractive women” to provide mutual benefits to each other. It encourages members to be direct to the point in their profiles and stop wasting time. It allows people to immediately define what they need and wants in a relationship.

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